New Album Update.

It’s been a long slog, with gaps in between recording, another broken leg, a thousand interruptions, very little time, sporadic and intense recording periods, but the album is in the can as it were, and all done bar mixing and mastering. Mixing will be done in July and I hope to have the album available in late August/early September.

The album, entitled The Future of Extinctions, will feature 10 new songs, most of them written in late 2014 early 2015, an album worth of material was scrapped to make sure that the album sounded right, things came together pretty fast in the end and I can’t wait to get it out there.

The plan for 2015!

Album 3 is coming along nicely, very excited to get it finished and it’s a long way off to a release date but having fun making it. Tracks in line for inclusion so far are,  Always Stepping Into The Fray, Secret Weapons, Monster, The Tunnel and Always Never. Very electronic vibe on this one, much more so than the first 2 albums and enjoying every minute.

The LoFi Hotel Demos EP is OUT NOW!!!!!!

A little delayed, but better late than never,

1. This City

2. The Drowning

3. Keep the paranoia flying

4. And the evening fades



New EP coming in 2014 – the LoFi Hotel tapes!

A new E.P is coming soon, 4 brand new tracks recording on a hiatus in a hotel room in Edmonton, Alberta in December 2012. This will be the first new material from Sound/S/Lab since the release of their second album in May 2013.

They were all written and recorded either on the same night (boredom, isolation and a hint of alcohol to assist) of their conception, or at most over two nights in The Matrix hotel in Edmonton in the midst of winter, snow and freezing temperatures were an unpleasant backdrop to this time out from recording the 2nd album in Calgary.

Using a USB mini synth, drum loops and even a bit of acoustic guitar, seven songs were recorded in all, this was all done in the midst of trying to get the album, Fugitive Colours, finished back home in Calgary. After finally getting a chance to review these demos, almost one year after recording them, we have decided to release them, albeit with the vocals rerecorded, in their demo form, captured as they were, on the spot.

The EP, simply entitled The Hotel Demos will likely be out in late January, possibly just on BandCamp, possibly on iTunes, along with a couple of free downloads on SoundCloud (with lot’s of promotion on Twitter)

TRACK LISTING for The Hotel Demos E.P. 

1. This City

2. And the evening fades

3. Keep the paranoia flying

4. The Drowning.


Cover Art below –



Farewell Lou Reed

Sad to hear Lou Reed died yesterday. He was an important icon to me, hearing The Velvet Underground & Nico for the first time was a mind blowing experience,  finding out it had been made back in 1967 was hard to believe.

He wrote some great songs and hopefully he enjoyed his Life.

Thanks Lou Reed!!