Farewell David Bowie, the man who fell to earth and conquered us all.

It was with enormous sadness that I heard this morning that David Bowie had died after an 18 month battle with, what is rumoured to be, Liver cancer. I have loved Bowie for as long as I can remember. I’m 48 now, so likely 30 years, the sadness is real on a personal level too, as it points out the brief amount of time we have on this earth. Tell your loved ones that you love them, because we never know. Bowie achieved more in his lifetime than several artists combined, he was innovative right until the end, Blackstar is a beautiful and majestic album.

The death of someone who you thought just could not die, or someone you pictured as a professorial character in his late 80’s talking about art and his life on a TV show in the future, is shocking, he was too big a star to ever consider his demise. But he was only human, and he was a husband and a father, i can only imagine what his family are going through. It was beautiful to see so many heart felt out pouring’s of genuine love from fans, their stories, especially the older fans who grew up with Bowie, or like me who discovered his music through his back catalogue when I was 18, we all unite in grief for the loss of an amazing songwriter, a beautiful man and a great artist. I couldn’t do anything today, apart from listen to his music, two of his songs can reduce me to tears, just from the  beauty of the words and music, those songs are Where are we now, from 2013s The Next Day, and the song below, Absolute Beginners, from the moment I came home from the record store and listened to it for the first time I fell in love with it.

His legacy is enormous, from Hunky Dory through to Scary Monsters, it was a run of genius that I do not think any other artist managed. Even though Let’s Dance was considered going main stream, those songs bring back so many good memories. I’m not dismissing his work after those albums of course he still made some great music, The Next Day and Blackstar to name but two. Even the first Tin Machine album has the achingly beautiful Amazing on it, he was a superb songwriter, a great musician, a legendary performer and he always looked like a God, or someone not from this reality.  He was David Bowie, he’ll be forever missed.


David Bowie

End of the line for Sound/S/Lab 2010 – 2015

After 5 years, 3 albums and one EP, Sound/S/Lab are calling it quits, “I’d like to thank anyone who supported me, especially Andy Jay at Revival Synth and Johnny Normal at Radio Warwickshire,  also Kat Dornian at CJSW.”

“I’m very proud of having released music and had it played across Canada and in the UK. Very proud to have put so much effort into recording, and seeing the results in releasing 3 albums. But, it’s just not a fun time to be an independent musician, too may cliques and inner circles, too many people who I just don’t want to try and impress, too much bullshit that I simply can’t take anymore,  and just too many barriers.  Bottom line, it’s too much of a struggle to really take and I’m certainly on the wrong side of the Atlantic to be making this kind of music, I was naive to even think you can be different. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but there will be no more albums.”

“Finally I’d like to thank Kelly for always being there”.

“Goodbye, all the best for 2016”.

Tom MyGun December 2015

Studio Shot